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Land cress pesto

Monday, July 5th, 2010

In a food processor combine 40g land cress, a pinch of salt, 25g toasted cashews and 1 clove garlic. Process until very finely chopped, then add 50g grated Parmesan and work to a paste. Gradually add 5-6 tablespoons of olive oil and work until you have a thick green sauce.

Rocket and watercress are an easy and excellent substitute for land cress.

Roasted carrot, cauliflower and almond salad

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

In a large bowl combine the following ingredients and mix well with your hands:

1 cauliflower broken into florets. 10 baby carrots cut lengthways into quarters. 3 tablespoons of olive oil. 1 clove of garlic ground to a paste. Half a teaspoon of sea salt and half a teaspoon of ground coriander.

Place in a single layer on a baking tray and roast until tender and golden brown – about 20-30 minutes at 230c.

Take it from the oven and scatter over a large handful of toasted flaked almonds. Gently mix, pile onto a platter and leave to cool to room temperature before eating.

Tarragon pesto

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Take 1/2 a cup of tarragon leaves and 1 cup of flat leaf parsley leaves (both should be loosely packed) roughly chop, then grind in a pestle and mortar with half a teaspoon of sea salt. Add a clove of chopped garlic, 25g of lightly toasted flaked almonds and grind again. Add 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice and continue to work the ingredients to a paste.

Gradually incorporate enough olive oil until you have a thick green sauce.